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Introducing the tokenized online ecosystem for art community
Owlstand is created for people to display, view and trade art globally. In the wake of the decentralized revolution, Owlstand aims to expand its development onto the crypto economy and provide a system ensuring safe and smooth online art trade in cryptocurrency. OWD token is designed to be a utility token. Artists, who create high-quality online exhibitions, will be rewarded with OWD by our curators or artificial intelligent bot. Together, users create value for each other, contributors have the incentives to bring more contents to the platform.
This project is developed by a team of open source contributors who share the passion for art and technology. Our goal is to develop a truly decentralized art ecosystem for the art world. The services will be built entirely by the community, and cover different sectors of the online art industry.
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Molten | Gorkem Dikel
Classic Master | Henri Rousseau
Freestyle III | Miss Pralina
Boundaries | Deenesh Ghyczy
Overview | Hendrick Avercamp
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